Baby Nest 3in1 – Raindeer

Support, changing mat, travel cot, rest in guests, nap at the beach or in nature, at a playground, baby protection when sleeping outside the crib, protection when sleeping with mommy and daddy in bed… Something new and innovative with a playset that will make everyday life easier for future mommies and give babies the softest, coziest and most comfortable place.

We can call this product 3in1 because it includes:
✶ Pillow for sleeping and resting
✶ Playing set, play gym
✶ The hoop that detaches from the recumbent part and serves as a protective auxiliary pillow and the base can be used as a support for pram if necessary

✶ 100% eco-cotton high-slip cotton cover
✶ 100% polyester inner fill
✶ Dedication to high standards guarantees long durability and quality of our products

The 3in1 multifunctional pillow has health certification for use in newborns

✶ Made in Serbia ✶

9.200,00 RSD



✶ The pillow has a zipper, so washing is easy and simple – only the cover is washed
✶ The pillow ring is tightly packed so that it will keep the baby secure. Firmness is necessary to turn the baby and exercise
✶ The ring is detachable from the base by the zipper
✶ The pillow has a play set as an accessory to provide babies with exercise and activity with Baby Time toys (handmade felt toys)

Additional information

Weight 2.6 kg

✶ Dimension 90x45cm
✶ Dimension of the laying part 24x71
✶ The open buckle length is adjusted for babies 0-10 months
✶ Pillows are made to high quality European standards

✶ Wash the cover in the machine at 40 °

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